And the award goes to…

So, a week ago, Lara over at Life, the Ongoing Education gave me an award!


First of all, I’m honored to be nominated and I’m terribly embarrassed that it took me this long to post about it.  It’s not because of a lack of appreciation, I promise.

I have to admit, this is a) the first award I’ve ever been given for writing what’s already gonna dribble out of my brain, and b) it’s really almost MORE fun to get to nominate OTHER people for the same thing!

Lara’s nomination mentioned the mental exercise I give her when she reads my posts, and I’m pretty sure she meant that in a “thought provoking” way and not in a “bad foreign film with mistranslated subtitles” kind of way.  At least, that’s what I’m gonna tell myself when I smile and think of myself as thought provoking.

Anyway, the rules appear to stipulate that I must now nominate seven other blogs for this honor and notify them in the comments section of their most recent post, so here goes:

First, I nominate The Taoist Biker because even though I only comment about once out of every ten posts, I read them all and I’m always amazed at how much he can write about, and HOW WELL he can write about it.

Second, I nominate Maleesha at Binary Trash.  In getting this list together I realized just how out of date my blogroll is.  For whatever reason, she seems to be missing from mine (well, not for long now that I’ve realized that) but she’s one of the blogs I look forward to every time I fire up my blog reader.  Her stuff is always very well written, and tends to make me laugh even when I’m not in a “laughing place” in general.

Third, I nominate Crisitunity (also missing from my blogroll).  The amazing thing about her blog is the complete (and almost intense) lack of pretension in what she has to say.  It’s incredibly refreshing to read the thoughts of someone through almost no filter whatsoever.  Which is NOT to say that her blog is unrefined, she is the first person I’ve ever encountered outside of the Sanga who is visibly down the path towards enlightenment in her day to day life.

Fourth, I nominate Alison from That’s What She Blogged because she loves Trixie Beldon more then I do, and I didn’t think that was possible until I met her.  Ok, she’s also insightful, fearless, well read and has excellent taste in men too.

Speaking of which…Fifth I nominate Matt of Licensed to Blog because…oh hell, I’ll be honest, he has written a TON of great stuff (see his post about a memory book for his kid), but NOTHING will ever top “I Kissed an Earl” in my book.  I find myself singing that at random and inappropriate times, and I’ve gotten at least a half-dozen of my co-workers stuck on the ear-worm with me.  All I have to say is “squeezed Earl’s buttocks” and six to ten (seemingly) grown men will break down laughing in the middle of a meeting, conference call or client support session.  Really, what more could anyone ask of a blogger then utterly fabulous and slightly homoerotic alternative lyrics to a pretty dismal and very homoerotic pop song?

Sixth, I nominate Kristiane aka The Pilver.  I’ve been following The Pilver off and on for more than a year now, and she’s never once posted something that didn’t either make me smile, make me laugh out loud, or make me think (and after a LOT of consideration, I’m quite sure that the other side of the flat earth really is where Care-a-Lot exists, there’s even photographic proof).

And finally, I nominate Vince of Better Than Sex.  I’m gonna be honest, generally the NYC gay community is essentially as foreign to me as Ukrainian Art House Cinema.  The thing that makes BTS so great is that it really opens my eyes to how basic and universal human love and sexuality really are.  Vince has sworn off sex for 100 days, and he’s blogging about all the things that are better than sex (and some things that definitely are NOT better than sex) until his vow of celibacy is up.  The best post so far (in my humble opinion) is where he talks about going on a silent date at the Cloisters.  Thinking about how everything that he has to say is actually and utterly independent of sexual organs, preconceived notions, or personal prejudices…that’s the moment where my mind is opened a little bit and I realize that the NYC gay community, or the Portland gay community or any other community isn’t really any more foreign than my own backyard and the openness of my own mind.  And that’s pretty much the essence of brilliance, at least for me.