Please help someone who could use some help

Someone whom I don’t know personally (or even particularly impersonally) in any way, shape, form or format has recently found herself in the middle of a life-changing situation.  As is so often the case with life changing situations, it has had a profound financial effect on her, and created a profound opportunity.

I realize I haven’t posted anything in the last eight months, and yet this blog still sees something like 40-50 hits a day on a slow day; so perhaps I should leverage that traffic for a good cause. This person has put up a post directing people to a process that lets them buy some wonderful fiction, and she gets a small (nearly trivial) amount of financial help.  Everybody wins.

If you like good writing, have a few measly bucks to spare, and like helping out a fellow decent human being in the process, please visit Crisitunity’s blog post about the issue.