Just because I don’t post here, doesn’t mean you can steal my stuff…

Every so often I google keywords from some of my older stuff, and recently I’ve been seeing it show up in some unusual places.  So I send a cease and desist email and magically stuff tends to disappear as fast as it shows up.

But this week I’ve have content theft taken to a new level.  Through my hosting provider I got an email, ostensibly from the author of this blog, claiming that someone wanted their domain and blog restored to them.  Thankfully, Dreamhost not only laughed them off, they gave me the relevant information to deal with it legally.

I’ve owned this domain and this blog since inception (and I don’t mean the movie).  No one had this domain before me.  This is not my first blog, and I have friends and readers who remember my first faltering foray into blogging over on blogger all those years ago.

I do still blog, I just don’t do it here.

What surprised me is that someone is claiming to be me, on another blog and in comments.  I don’t know why they want to claim to be me…I’m not a particularly great set of life experiences to emulate…but let me say categorically and without any ambiguity, if you see someone claiming to be deadcharming (or Dead Charming) of deadcharming.com or deadcharming.wordpress.com they probably aren’t me.  I blog at mybadpants.com and I comment as Bad Pants pretty much exclusively.

The blog-o-sphere is a pretty small place really, trying to pretend to be someone you’re not isn’t worth the time and effort, especially when people will call you on it.

While I realize that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, persona-hijacking is just creepy.  And claiming you wrote someone else’s stuff makes you an ass hole.

To take any further mystery out of this blog or it’s authorship, let me go on record:  My name (as in my legal name) is Nicholas Rogers and I currently live in Atlanta, GA after a job transfer from Portland, OR.

Persons named (or associated with someone named) “Chad” from Texas are not, nor have they ever been associated IN ANY WAY with this or any other writing by Mister Oregon, Dead Charming or Bad Pants in this or any other parallel universe.